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We (Ben & Jake) have worked together for the past 6 years as “Lean” consultants, helping organizations create better flow of their products or services while increasing quality, lowering cost…of course ensuring value was being delivered to the customer.  We have worked with fortune 100 & 500 companies that include various industries throughout the world – which include Toyota, Goodyear Tire, Daimler, Boeing, Raytheon Missile Systems, Baptist Memorial Hospital.  But this was the “DAY” job.

Ben had more of a sick-and-twisted passion to want to bring home this knowledge of lean and apply it to his passion – GAMING.

The more we played the more we realized our set-up time could be improved, the clean-up time needed to be reduced, and of course our game time (real value to the customer) needed to be longer.  Well if we reduced set-up and clean-up time we might be able to do the impossible – extend our 24 hour day…well sort of.  As we created better inserts and tools for the game our friends were wowed by the simplicity of complexity.  And of course we couldn’t just “lean” out our games without helping them with theres, hence the birth of Daedalus Productions Inc.

Daedalus (the Greek god that created the labyrinth) Productions Inc. was created to tackle this vision.

* Lean is a term used in the business world to reference the notion of continous improvement by eliminating waste – waste is anything that does not create value for the customer such as excess motion, transportation, defects, waiting, overproduction, non-standard process etc. – Does this apply to gaming…absolutely!  How often do we find ourselves hunting, fetching, gathering parts (tokens, dice, cards)?  How much time is spend on filtering through our game box to set up?





GAME TIME (GT): The amount of time to step away from the world and immerse yourself in a unique (competitive) adventure

SET-UP TIME (ST): Then unnecessary time we spend hunting, gathering and finding pieces to be able to initiate full play. (This is where Daedalus Productions focuses our energy and design to lean out our time in setup & cleanup.

CLEAN-UP TIME (CT): The necessary time to quietly gloat on the victory with a smile that frustrates – but unnecessary time to gather all the tokens, cards, dice etc. – that eventually get thrown in the box with thoughts of clean-up later.




CREATE FLOW: The “time” types mentioned above help us have a better understanding of the concept of flow.  We are constantly asking ourselves what keeps us from flow (flow of game time, flow of clean-up, flow of set-up).  

THINK SYSTEMICALLY: It always important to take a step back and look at the big picture.  Sometimes we want to make a change but not look how it might affect the upstream and downstream process/gaming experience.  We know games are evolving and expanding – this constant change is a unique challenge to keep things as simple as possible.

LEAD WITH HUMILITY: With just the two of us, we know we don’t have all the answers.  We know the best designs and solutions come from the “mob” – those who love games as much as we do.  We have set this site up to not only get feedback but to listen to better understand what are the issues and what needs to be focused on.  

Ben Hillyard

Obsessed, Passionate or Extremely bored…we are not sure, but Ben is a adamant gamer and contributor to the community.

Jacob Raymer

Causes we Believe-in & Support


Ethan is a warrior fighting Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome a life threatening blood disease with no cure



Our incredible son Ethan was diagnosed January 2013 with Atypical HUS. A life threatening ultra rare blood disease for which there is no cure. It primarily attacks his kidneys and then moves to other organs. When he was admitted to Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, UT, his kidneys were functioning at less than 5%. He spent 30 days in the hospital and received multiple treatments of dialysis, blood and platelet transfusions.

He is on multiple medications including two that suppress his immune system. He is fortunate to be able to receive the wonder drug Soliris. He receives this every 2 weeks via IV and will continue this medication every 2 weeks for life.  At $12,000 a dose, it was rated among Forbes most expensive drugs. We are thankful our insurance in covering most of these costs.

***A charitable account has been set up in Ethan Bruns name. Walk in donations are accepted at any branch.