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What games do you want us to focus on. Please submit your vote and comments.

With 1000’s of games out there we want to ensure we stay connected to those who matter.  Each time you submit a comment or talk with us – we keep a running vote list of what’s important to you.  If there are additional design flaws or adaptations you would like to see please let us know.

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Your thoughts here
  1. My top asks would be:
    – Clank (with expansion, and more are planned!)
    – Mansions of Madness, 2nd ed.
    – Sword and Sorcery

  2. What i really want to see are inserts that’ll let me store the boxes on edge. Until those happen, baggies are going to win out. I hate baggies…

    +1 for Conan from Monolith! Once you take it out of the box, it never fits back in. Another +1 for a King Edition add-on!
    Surprised 51st State Master Set isn’t on this list yet.

  3. Would love to see one for Clank.

  4. I need an organizer for the Conan board game from monolith. It has a ton of minis and pieces which makes setup and take down a chore.

  5. Shadow of Brimstone is the one I am currently doing on my own, with lotsa patience, but would love something well organized, esp with expansions and optional materials

  6. I didn’t see Puerto Rico on your list, but that game definitely needs a quick-start insert! Please!!!

    Mary Bromberek
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