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What games do you want us to focus on. Please submit your vote and comments.

With 1000’s of games out there we want to ensure we stay connected to those who matter.  Each time you submit a comment or talk with us – we keep a running vote list of what’s important to you.  If there are additional design flaws or adaptations you would like to see please let us know.

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Your thoughts here
  1. Gloomhaven would be the most amazing thing! Especially with your special flair for style.
    Galaxy of Trian, city of Kings and Quodd Heroes would also be potential candidates for custom inserts because of the amount and variety of components.

  2. I’d love to see an insert for Orleans or Grand Austria Hotel…. Even a Mini Box/Travel type box for the Agricola 2 player edition would be super cool

    Christopher Vodicka
  3. Catacombs! A ton of people backed everything on the latest KS coming very soon. It needs a good insert dearly.

  4. Gloomhaven +1

  5. Gloomhaven 2nd edition, please.

    Kenneth Levesque
  6. Doom (2016)

  7. Another vote for Gloomhaven. Your inserts are the best looking and user friendly being made!

  8. I am really looking for a storage solution for Relic and Talisman from FFG.

  9. Gloomhaven please !

  10. Definitely Gloomhaven, backing the 2nd printing right now on Kickstarter (which is in the millions by the way), and so excited to see you making an organizer for it. Also, Mansions of Madness 2nd edition and Expansions! Would like an insert that consolidated the boxes into one. Go7Gaming has made inserts for this game but I feel they wasted a lot of space. I think you folks can do better!


    There are soooo many components and tiles in this game it’s insane! There needs to be an insert for quick setup for this game…I’m going crazy!!!

  12. Arkham Horror + expansions need the insert. So much cards and chits to arrange, one of the slowest boardgame to set up. I would also like a dedicated wooden box for the insert. 🙂

  13. I’d love to see a quick set-up organizer for Firefly: The Game! All those cards…all those pieces…the setup time is just so long!

  14. For me Russian Railroads is the game that would benefit the most from a quick start insert. Especially now with both the German Railroads and American Railroads expansions there is a lot in what is basically an open box (tons of bags). I’ve even been looking for someone I can commission one from.

    I also just want one for Marco Polo. If I’m being honest though it’s probably not necessary. The game is one of my favorites though and it would make me happy to have.

  15. War of the ring 2nd edition PLEASE!

  16. I know it is early, but what about Thunderstone Quest? It is funded on Kickstarter and they announced the card sleeves for the cards, so we know the card size ad number. On that note, what about a general insert for deck builders? Make them adjustable so that the same design could be used for games like Dominion, Thunderstone/Quest, Smash Up, Avengers etc.

  17. Gloomhaven needs some love. Once you punch the cardboard out, it’s nearly impossible to get everything back in in an organized way and helps you set up and get ready to play in a reasonable amount of time.

  18. Please do Arkham Horror + All expansions!

  19. Gloomhaven please! If you can design an insert for this game you will have many customers, myself included!

  20. GLOOMHAVEN PLEASE! OMG this box is HUGE and the components are massive. One of the best games I have ever played and so much fun but the setup is time consuming and then getting everything back into the massive box is crazy. I would pay TOP DOLLAR for this!

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