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What games do you want us to focus on. Please submit your vote and comments.

With 1000’s of games out there we want to ensure we stay connected to those who matter.  Each time you submit a comment or talk with us – we keep a running vote list of what’s important to you.  If there are additional design flaws or adaptations you would like to see please let us know.

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  1. Twilight Imperium 4th Edition could use a Quick-Start insert! With setup map instructions like Eclipse, maybe?

  2. Star trek ascendancy with expansions would be great.

    Michael Hannell
  3. I’d love to see Anachrony and Star Trek Ascendancy Quick start inserts. There’s so much room in both those boxes, and especially for ST Ascendancy, no room for expansions with the insert that some with it.

  4. I’d love to see an insert for Splendor with the Cities of Splendor expansion.

  5. Gaia Project needs a quick start insert!

    Michael Wildner
  6. It would be great to have a quick start insert for Kingdom Builder, if you keep all of the expansions in the base game box it seems to take longer to set up than to play.

  7. Istanbul please!

  8. Istanbul with the two expansion needs an insert bad. And it still a pretty popular game.

  9. Would kill for an insert for Clank! And Evolution (Northstar w/ all expansions)

  10. I would like to see inserts for the following games :
    Too many bones
    7th continent
    Aeon’s End
    Something for star wars Armada, ideally something you can add on as your collection grows

  11. Would love something for Last Night on Earth by Flying Frog.

  12. Steve Jackson’s Munchkin Monster Box. The original insert just takes up too much space for no reason. After sleeving my cards, I can no longer use it, and I’m having trouble finding a solution that’s really made for it. Its a 10.5×10.5×4 box – according to amazon. It seems to be a solid 10 inches on the inside. I can fit 4 rows of sleeved cards – standing vertically – with a little wiggle room for walls.. so it could possibly have 4 parallel rows spanning the length of the box. At the bottom center, there could be a small rectangle that covers the width of 2 of the rows for storing the larger dungeon cards on their side – as well as some extras. I’m not crafty, and I’m having trouble finding even just some sort of tray that holds cards vertically to place inside the box, so it would be nice if you made something for this game.

  13. I would really like a good storage solution for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.
    Maybe a laser-cut wooden case could work? But right now I have the base game, The Dunwich Legacy and all the Mythos Packs for TDL in the base game box just in baggies and there is not much more room. Until I can find a good solution I’m holding off on getting any of the newer expansions and mythos packs. Maybe you have some ideas? Thank you very much!

  14. Primarily, I’ve been looking for an insert for Runebound, 2nd or 3rd edition. No one seems to make on, which seems odd. In addition, I’d also like someone to make an insert for less popular games like Warfighter and Endure the Stars.

  15. My top asks would be:
    – Clank (with expansion, and more are planned!)
    – Mansions of Madness, 2nd ed.
    – Sword and Sorcery

  16. What i really want to see are inserts that’ll let me store the boxes on edge. Until those happen, baggies are going to win out. I hate baggies…

    +1 for Conan from Monolith! Once you take it out of the box, it never fits back in. Another +1 for a King Edition add-on!
    Surprised 51st State Master Set isn’t on this list yet.

  17. Would love to see one for Clank.

  18. I need an organizer for the Conan board game from monolith. It has a ton of minis and pieces which makes setup and take down a chore.

  19. Shadow of Brimstone is the one I am currently doing on my own, with lotsa patience, but would love something well organized, esp with expansions and optional materials

  20. I didn’t see Puerto Rico on your list, but that game definitely needs a quick-start insert! Please!!!

    Mary Bromberek
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