Dice Tray set (8)

Dice Tray set (8)

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SKU: DPI-DTrays01

This Product is currently going under slight alterations. Thank you for your patience.

Set of 8 Dice Trays for use with 12mm dice. The dice trays are designed to fit inside the Hobby Lobby wooden box (sold seperately)

These dice trays let you stack multiple sets and more importantly carry them without spilling them all over – no matter the quantity of dice that you have in these.  The design is built to accommodate up to 1 to 1400+

Hobby Lobby Case

Weight 2 lbs

Assembly & Layout

1 review for Dice Tray set (8)

  1. 5 out of 5

    I highly recommend this product for any avid Dice Masters player who has more dice than they know what to do with. A full playset for a given set will fit in one of the trays (I’m currently using 4 of the 8 in my set) for a complete playset dice for the 4 sets that are available at the time of writing. While I had a few issues with my order and trays, Ben has gone far above and beyond to ensure that everything was taken care of and made me a very satisfied customer. If you have any problems, contact Ben and I’m confident that he will treat you as well as he has me.

    My main issue was there was enough of a gap between the board in the lid of the hobby lobby box and the topmost tray, that the top dice could move around (or the trays separate and dice in lower trays fall out). Ben very quickly remedied the problem by designing lids (similar to the one in the dedicated box they produce) for my trays. Now with the lids on top of the trays, I have no issue picking up and carrying the case by the handle. I’m hoping for future customers these lids will become a standard part of the tray set, as they make a great product practically perfect.

    Due to number of surfaces in contact with this tray, I recommend an un-assembled set. The assembly video found at will give you a very good idea of how the trays go together. I used Gorilla Glue wood glue to put mine together, and it’s holding quite well. While it is time consuming to put together (due to how you have to line up the pegs on the side walls), it will ensure that the trays are solid and won’t fall apart when you pick one up loaded with dice.

    Daedalus Productions is a company that understands that excellent customer service will build a loyal and repeat customer base. I will definitely be getting more Daedalus inserts for my games as they come out with them.

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