Mini Chimera Premium Protection Card Sleeves (43x65mm)

Mini Chimera Premium Protection Card Sleeves (43x65mm)


SKU: MDG-7079

Popular For Use With: Arkham Horror, Middle Earth Quest & Runebound


Premium sleeves to protect all your 43 x 65 mm cards.
These sleeves are 125% thicker

50 Sleeves
Clear Polypropylene
Archival Safe
Acid Free – No PVC

What Do I Get?

This sleeve set is a 50 pack of card sleeves that are designed to protect any card with dimensions of 43 x 65 mm.

Please note some games require multiple sleeve sizes!

Weight .1 lbs


Arkham Horror Lurker at the Threshold, Arkham Horror Black Goat, Arkham Horror Board Game Ancient One Cards, Arkham Horror Dark Pharaoh, Arkham Horror Dunwich, Arkham Horror Innsmouth, Arkham Horror King In Yellow, Arkham Horror Kingsport Horror, Arkham Horror Miskatonic Horror, Arkham Horror Total, Battlestar Galactica, Battlestar Galactica Pegasus Expansion, Chaos In The Old World, Deadlands The Battle for Slaughter Gulch, Defenders Of The Realm, Forlorn Hope, Hoity Toity, Mansions of Madness, Middle Earth Quest, Nostra City, Pizzaro and Co, Runewars, Sleuth 1971 3M Gamette ed small cards, Stronghold, Talisman The Dungeon, Talisman The Reaper, Talisman 4th Ed Expansions, Talisman Frostmarch Expansion, Talisman Revised 4th Edition, Talisman The Frostmarch, Talisman The Highlands, Talisman The Sacred Pool, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, Adventurers


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