Mini Euro Premium Protection Card Sleeves (45x68mm)

Mini Euro Premium Protection Card Sleeves (45x68mm)


SKU: MDG-7080

Popular For Use With: Ticket to Ride USA, St. Petersburg, Pirate’s Cove

This size of 45 x 68 mm is the standard among most euro games that use smaller cards. It is one of the most popular card sizes for Euro board games.
50 Sleeves
Clear Polypropylene
Archival Safe
Acid Free – No PVC

What Do I Get?

This is a simple set of card sleeves to protect your cards from wear and tear! If you play very many European Board Games, you have probably spent hundreds of dollars on your games. What happens to the best ones? They eventually wear out from hours and hours of fun! Don’t let your cards get beat up, spilled on, marked up or destroyed by accidental mishaps. Spend a few bucks in these to protect your investment!!

Please note some games require multiple sleeve sizes!

Weight .1 lbs


Abetto 2010, Ad Astra, Adel Verpflichtet, Age of Discovery Unconfirmed, Airships, Alexandros, AmunRe, Amyitis, Anno 1503 , Antwerpen 2010 , Arkadia, Around the World in 80 Days, Assyria, Atlas And Zeus, Aton Unconfirmed, Attika, Augsburg 1520 , Before the Wind, Chinatown New Filosofia Ed, Cuba, Cuba El Presidente Exp, Die Weinhandler, Doge, Drunter und Druber, Dungeon Twister, El Grande, El Grande Decentennial, Emerald, Endeavor, Era of Inventions 2010 , Euphrates and Tigris Card Game, Giganten, Goa, Great Space Race, Hacienda, Il Principe, In the Shadow of the Emperor , In the Year of the Dragon, Industrial Waste, Inkognito , Jerusalem 2010, Jet Set Money Cards, King Oil, La Citt, Legitimacy, Leonardo da Vinci, Louis XIV, Mali Powstau0144cy Warszawa 1944 2009, Manila, Masons, Master Builder 2008, Maya, Medici Older, Merchants and Mauraders, Merkator, Ming Dynasty, Na Grunwald rycerze krla Jagieu0142u0142y 2010 , Neue Welten 2010 , Nomads of Arabia, Palazzo, Perry Rhodan Die Kosmische Hanse, Pesky Humans, Pillars of the Earth, Pillars of the Earth Expansion, Pirates Cove, Prize Property town meeting cards, Prophecy, Razzia, Rgents 2010, Rotterdam 2007 , Ruse and Bruise, Salamanca, San Francisco, San Marco, Scepter of Zavandor, Settlers of Catan 3D wood Edition, Shogun, Simply Catan, Snow Tails, Space Alert, St Petersburg, St Petersburg Expansion, Starfarers of Catan German Edition, Stephensons Rocket, Struggle for Rome , Submarine, Tabago, Talisman 2nd Edition, Thebes, Through the Ages A Story of Civilization, Thurn and Taxis, Thurn and Taxis Power and Glory, Ticket To Ride USA, Timbuktu, Tower of Babel , Traders of Genoa, TransAmerica, Walhalla, Wallenstein , Wings of War Balloon Busters each, Wings of War Blister Pack each, Wings of War Burning Drachens, Wings of War Dawn of WWII, Wings of War Famous Aces, Wings of War Fire From The Sky, Wings of War Flight of the Giants, Wings of War Watch Your Back, Wings of War Miniatures, Ys , Yspahan, 1853 Train Game


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