Quick-Start Insert for Le Havre®v.2

Quick-Start Insert for Le Havre®v.2

3.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)



Game Time: 30-60 min./player

Original Set-up Time: 11 min.
Original Clean-up Time: 4 min.

Quick-Start Set-up Time: 1 min.
Quick-Clean-up Time: 2 min.

This insert is compatible with the new Mayfair version of the game, as well as the old Zman version.

48 “1 Franc” coins
30 “5 Franc” coins   
60 cattle/meat tokens 1 Starting Player marker
7   Supply tiles 60 grain/bread tokens
16 Food Production tokens 30 iron/steel tokens
42 clay/brick tokens 48 wood/charcoal tokens
5 wooden Person discs 5 wooden Ships
42 fish/smoked fish tokens 30 coal/coke tokens
30 hides/leather tokens


 * This version 2 insert for Le Havre® now accommodates the expansion as well.

 * Le Havre® is a registered trademark of Lookout Games
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by their respective trademark holders. No challenge to any intellectual property rights is intended or implied by representations of compatibility and no endorsements of any of our products by any other company is implied or represented.

Weight 2 lbs

Assembly & Layout

Download/View PDF Assembly Instruction Manual

2 reviews for Quick-Start Insert for Le Havre®v.2

  1. 4 out of 5

    Great insert. Fits perfectly with the newest reprint of Le Havre. Some of the fittings could have been tighter, but overall, excellent. Would highly recommend.

    Mike Chipman
    Mike Chipman
  2. 2 out of 5

    I really like the aesthetic of this insert, but otherwise it has been pretty disappointing.

    The insert I received had some warped/curved wood, and did not press-fit well. Even using glue, a lot of the wooden joints are weak (some broke joints disconnected immediately after putting components in, even with ~36 hours to dry first). In addition to that, some of the spaces for the resource trays are not well sized:
    – The space for the cattle tokens and grain tokens are a bit tight, front to back.
    – The space for the wood tokens is very tight, side to side.
    – The space for the 1 Franc tokens is too tight, front to back, and two of the tokens will not fit in the appropriate space.
    I also found it odd that 3 of the card trays are only partially resting on the bottom piece from the resource tray. Also, there is a lot of empty space above the resoure tray when everything is packed into the box.

    My insert came with one extra card tray.

    All in all, I’m not thrilled with this insert. It seems like the space in the box could have been better utilized.

    • Kush,

      What version of the game do you have? If it the new Mayfair printed that may be where you issues of resource space allocation are coming from. This insert was designed with the old Zman version of the game and has not been verified with the new version. As for the additional card slot and space above the resource tray, the gap above typically isn’t a problem due to the way the card trays lock the resource tray into place, and the additional card slot is for the expansion or possible future expansions of the game. You are correct though, there is a lot of box for such a small game.

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