Quick-Start Insert for Scythe®

Quick-Start Insert for Scythe®

5.00 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews)


Game Time: 1.5-2 hrs. Original Set-up Time: 15-20 min.
Original Clean-up Time: 15 min.

Quick-Start Set-up Time: 3 min.
Quick-Clean-up Time: 4 min.


Collector’s Edition Base Game
Expansion: Invaders from Afar (This raises the lid 2mm)
2 Boards (1 Game Board, 1 Expansion Board)
40 Plastic Miniatures
170+ Wooden Tokens
150+ Cards
3 Rules/Reference books

*This insert was designed to hold the collectors edition and upgraded components. Due to design constraints, this insert was not designed to hold cardboard tokens as well as metal/ceramic tokens. If you have the retail version of the game this insert will work; however, since the expansion board is not included in the retail version, there is a slight gap between the box lid and top of insert. If you do not have the large map board this insert will still work, though vertical storage may not work as well.

This insert, when including the expansion, will slightly raise the box lid by 2mm; however, without the expansion the lid will sit flat.

All card trays were designed to hold Mayday Games Premium Sleeves. (With ~3mm extra room on height.)

* Scythe™ is A registered trademark of Stonemaier Games
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No challenge to any intellectual property rights is intended or implied by representations of compatibility and no endorsements of any of our products by any other company is implied or represented.

Weight 2 lbs

5 reviews for Quick-Start Insert for Scythe®

  1. 5 out of 5

    Love this insert. There is a great video by “Watch It Played” that totally sells it. The details on the stained wood are the real stand-out for me. They really make it easy to find cards that I am looking for and add some game-specific theme to it all. It was easy to assemble, and really fun to be able to have such a quick setup and take-down for gameplay, too.

    John Schmonsees
    John Schmonsees
  2. 5 out of 5

    Love it. Can now start playing quickly and it looks so cool. I was hesitant because I am not very crafty when it comes to assembly. But it was easy to put together with the online instruction. It did take a few hours but it was so worth it. All 7 dials do fit. I put the $2 with the $3 I believe. I don’t have the $50 but would mix them in easy enough. My pain point for gaming is the set up and tear down and this removed it. Plus it makes my Scythe look like the uber super deluxe version. This makes me now not fear purchasing Rebellion.

    Leon Jimenez
    Leon Jimenez
  3. 5 out of 5

    This was my first insert of any kind or brand. The construction was easy and pieces fit together beautifully. This makes setup and take down a breeze while adding a wonderful artistic touch. I will buy Daedalus products in the future.

    Bob Krause
    Bob Krause
  4. 5 out of 5

    When my friends first sat down for Scythe, they thought it looked like a super complicated, ultra hard game. It was the first “Euro-ish” game they had seen set up. Once you start playing though, you find out Scythe just makes sense, and that things are intuitive. It is not nearly as daunting as it first seems.

    The set up and tear down, on the other hand, are monsters. Ever be keenly aware a game has 4 different sized bags? You will with Scythe. Ever notice how your friends don’t seem to care what sized bags are used for what? And that plastic mini protector? Great for shipping protection, a pain for tearing down the game. Oh and separating resources. Yes you have 4 plastic trays but they snap together, so every red blooded board gamer just folds those things and says “I’ll sort them out later”.

    Then you get this insert. You find out the insert just makes sense, and that things are intuitive. It is not nearly as daunting as it first seems. Yes, I copied that line from the first paragraph, because really it has the same affect. With everything in its place, you realize Scythe is very manageable. It even has nice touches like deep wood etched text for labeling things. There are laser cut animals in the card trays that fit the theme. Some other companies really fancy up this stuff, and makes the game look nice inside the box, but you know what? That slows you down, and no one can see inside a closed box anyway. Daedalus is made to speed things up. Give the players their token trays, set out the card trays, and then give out the players boards and you’re ready to go.

    Downsides? Well maybe a caveat or an “FYI”. Later promo additions to the game do not have a place here, as this was made for the Kickstarter Collector’s addition. Which is fine, Daedalus can’t predict the future. If I changed anything, I’d add another one of those “20” boxes for the extra coins. There is no place for the $2 metal coins coming for Albion this Spring. Also, I’m not sure all 7 “combat dials” will fit, but when this was created, there were only 5 anyway. Again, very minor and not really complaints.

    I have no regrets getting this. My group plays Scythe on work nights, we need all the extra time we can get, and this easily saves us 10-15 minutes start up time, and probably 25 minutes tear down.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Excellent insert that seriously reduces the time spent setting up and tearing down. Took about 2 hours to assemble. All of the parts came off the sprues cleanly, though a few were a bit more difficult than others (sheet B2 was the biggest offender). I didn’t have to trim/sand a single tab, unlike a number of competing products I’ve purchased in the past, and everything fit together perfectly. Looks fantastic with the stain.

    If planning to store vertically, make sure to place one of the action boards (not a facton board) over the oil/food container, otherwise they’ll spill out. Passed the shake test when stored that way.

    This was my first insert purchased from Daedalus, and will not be the last.

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