USA Premium Protection Card Sleeves (56x87mm)

USA Premium Protection Card Sleeves (56x87mm)


SKU: MDG-7076

Popular For Use With: Bang, Munchkin & Shadows Over Camelot

Sleeves to protect all your 56 x 87 mm cards.
These sleeves are 125% thicker
50 Sleeves
Size: 2 1/4″ X 3 1/2″
Clear Polypropylene
Archival Safe
Acid Free – No PVC

Standard USA Card Sleeves

These expertly crafted card sleeves fit so well that you can fit the cards back in the inserts/boxes in almost every case! Perfect for all your 56x87mm cards!

Popular for use with:

  • Bang!™
  • Munchkin™
  • Shadows Over Camelot™
  • Kingsburg™
  • Bohnanza!™
  • Many more!


Note: The following games have cards that are 57.5 x 89 mm and do not fit these Standard USA sleeves: (Looking to cover 57.5x89mm cards? Check out our Standard USA Chimera sleeves) Our Standard USA sleeves were specifically designed for cards of 56 x 87 mm in length. This size was based on many games including Kingsburg, Bang, Bohnanza and Munchkin. The size was also based on some other company’s sizing claims that some really popular games were compatible with 56 x 87 mm sleeves. Unfortunately there are a few games that do not have cards that measure 56 x 87 mm and are smaller than our Euro sleeves which are for 59 x 92 mm.

The result of this is that the following games have cards that are 57.5 x 89 mm and do not fit the Standard USA sleeves:

  • Arkham Horror and Expansions™
  • Battlestar Galactica & Expansions™
  • Brawl™
  • Chaos In The Old World™
  • Citadels™
  • Clue™
  • Cosmic Encounter™
  • Descent Journeys In The Dark & Expansions™
  • Mare Nostrum™
  • Middle Earth Quest™
  • Modern Art™
  • Nexus™
  • Pit™
  • Rack-O™
  • Runebound Second Edition & Expansions™
  • Set™
  • Too Many Cooks™
  • Union Pacific™
  • Witch Trial™
  • And others™


We realize many of you ordered this size specifically for the above games. What can be done? You may instead look at the USA Chimera Sleeves. They will be 57.5 x 89 mm in size and fit all of the above games just fine.

*ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by their respective trademark holders. No challenge to any intellectual property rights is intended or implied by representations of compatibility and no endorsements of any of our products by any other company is implied or represented.

Please note some games require multiple sleeve sizes!

Weight .1 lbs


Age of Conan, Airlines Europe, Alchemicus 2009, Anima Beyond Good and Evil, Anima Shadow of Omega, Aqurius, Are You The Traitor, Arena Maximus, At the Gates of Loyang, Back to the Future Card Game, Bang 4th Ed, Bang Dodge City Exp, Bang Fist Full of Cards, Bang High Noon, Bang The Bullet, Black Sheep, Bohnanza, Bohnanza Fan Edition, Brass, Bridge Cards Narrower than Poker, Cah n Gun Cash and Guns, Castle Of The Devil, Chaos Marauders, China, Chrononauts Card Game, Circus Flohcati, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, Club 2008, Clue The Simpsons Version, Cocotaki, Code 777 2010, Coloretto, Cowboys The Way of the Gun, Dalmuti, Democrazy, Dingo, Downfall of Pompeii, Draco and Co, Dragon Parade, Dragons Gold, Dust, Eagle and The Star 2009 , Eco Fluxx, Eurorails 1990 Edition, Expedition by Queen Games, Family Fluxx Card Game, Fantasy Business, Fist of Dragonstones, Fluxx Card Game, Franks Zoo, Freeloader, Galaxy Trucker, Galaxy Trucker, Game of Thrones Clash Of Kings, Game of Thrones Storm Of Swords, Gargon, Gates of Loyang, Ghost Stories, Give Me The Brain, Great Dalmuti, Hagoth Builder of Ships, Halli Galli, Hannibal, Hector and Achilles Trojan War, Heimlich and Co original version, Hell Rail 3rd Edition, i9n 2010, Intrigue German Edition, Jet Set Base Cards, Kaigan 2009 , Keythedral, King of Siam 2007 , Kingsburg, Liberte, Limits, Lobo 77, Loco, Lupus In Tabula 2009 Giochi, Lupus In Tabula old edition, Maamut 2009, MagBlast 2nd Edition , Maka Bana, Mali Powstau0144cy Warszawa 1944 2009, Mamma Mia, Mare Nostrum, Mare Nostrum Expansion, Maria 2009 , Martian Fluxx Card Game, Metropolys, Meuterer German Edition, Monty Python Fluxx Card Game, MuandMehr, Munchkin Card Game, Munchkin Card Game Expansions, Mystery Of The Abbey, Na Grunwald rycerze krla Jagieu0142u0142y 2010 , Nicht die Bohne, O PenzedoR 2010, On The Underground, Once Upon a Time, Phoenicia, Pink Tree House, Pinocchio, Poison, Primordial Soup, Quicksand, Red Hot Silly Dragon, Relikt German Edition, RoboRally, Ruby Gloom, Rush Hour, Saboteur, San Francisco, Schattendieb, Settlers of Catan, Shadows Over Camelot, Shadows Over Camelot Merlins Company, Show Business 2010, Showboat 2010, Sole Mio, Solo, Spank the Monkey, Speed, StarTaxi 2009, Station Master, Tichu, Ticket To Ride 1910, Ticket To Ride Europe, Ticket To Ride Marklin, Ticket To Ride Nordic Countries, Ticket To Ride Switzerland, Top Secret Spies, Toppo , Unexploded Cow, Uno, Vineta German Edition, Warcraft Expansion, Wizards, Woosh 2009, World of Warcraft Game Character Packs, World of Warcraft The Adventure Game, World of Warcraft The Board Game, World of Warcraft The Board Game Burning Crusade, World of Warcraft The Board Game Shadow of War, YoYo, YuGiOh CCG, Zirkus Flohcati, Zombie Fluxx Card Game, 6 Nimmt Category 5


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