Quick-Start Insert for Terra Mystica®

Quick-Start Insert for Terra Mystica®

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Game Time: 60-150 min. Original Set-up Time: 15 min.
Original Clean-up Time: 20 min.

Quick-Start Set-up Time: 3 min.
Quick-Clean-up Time: 4 min.

1 Fire & Ice Game board – double sided (ONLY 1)  1 Cult  board
10 Faction Boards 10 Wooden Faction Token Colors
182 Misc tokens 56 Terrain tile
306 Player pieces 32 Larger tokens
Base Game Fire & Ice Expansion®

* Terra Mystica® is a registered trademark of Feuerland Spiele and Zman Games
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by their respective trademark holders. No challenge to any intellectual property rights is intended or implied by representations of compatibility and no endorsements of any of our products by any other company is implied or represented.

Weight 2 lbs

6 reviews for Quick-Start Insert for Terra Mystica®

  1. 5 out of 5

    The insert was easy for me to put together. Loved the tips and instructions. I actually broke 1 piece, fat fingers, and they sent me a replacement very rapidly. First insert I ever put together and I am already asking if there are plans for some of my other games.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Beautiful insert but I only give it 4 stars because this thing was HARD to put together! I put together Mage Knight and Scythe with no issues and went into this one with some experience and almost gave up. Luckily, I was able to some how get it done. End result is beautiful though.

    Joe Vanfleteren
    Joe Vanfleteren
  3. 4 out of 5

    Solid insert, looks great pre-stained. Had to take a star off because of the pre-poly I had trouble with my glue not sticking once dry, by the time I found a different glue that worked, the insert looked like a 5 year old put it together…

    At least I’ll know what I’m getting into when I buy my next insert…

  4. 4 out of 5

    I am a first-time Daedalus customer, and I am very impressed with this insert.

    First, let me mention what I really like about it: I like the aesthetic appeal of the recessed lettering; it looks as good in person as it does in the Daedalus pictures. The stain on the wood is very rich; although, as a side note, it does feel slightly sticky to the touch -but I can’t see that it would damage any of the game components. The design, with regards to the way everything fits into the box, is perfect! I was amazed at the precision with which they optimized every module to come together and fit flush to the lid of the game box. All of the components for the base game AND the expansion fit very nicely in all of the suggested spaces within the insert. Finally, the setup time of this game is greatly diminished compared to the storage system that I previously had implemented for Terra Mystica. I’m particularly fond of the tray that they incorporated for the benefit tiles -it takes away the hassle of sorting them out prior to game-play.

    Next, I’ll write a little bit about the minor negative comments I have on the product: I don’t think that their laser cutter is as precise as some of their competitors’. As I was removing the individual pieces of the insert from the pre-cut sheets, there were numerous pieces that chipped -and it is very obvious once they are chipped since the wood is stained. I tried to ease some of the chipping by using an exacto knife to cut through the areas that had been lasered too shallow, but to no avail. Also, building this insert is a labor of love! Seriously, it takes some intensive work to build this; it would be nice if they still sold these inserts pre-assembled -I would gladly pay the extra expense. Lastly, shipping took a little longer than I’ve come to expect from these sorts of specialty companies, but it wasn’t extremely delayed -just a tad- so I wouldn’t recommend ordering from Daedalus last minute.

    All things considered, I’d highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys Terra Mystica. It is a luxury expense, for certain, and not without flaw, but its impressive functionality outweighs all of the negativity that was festering in my mind as I built this insert. I would definitely consider buying another insert, or otherwise, from Daedalus.

  5. how long does it usually take to process and ship?

    • Typically only a couple days at most, right now we have a laser down and are catching up from our current BGG add launching. We apologize for the delay.
  6. 5 out of 5

    This was much more than I was expecting. I found this site through Watch it played. This Assembly while long was easy and worth it. The game looks so beautiful in the box now. Also far less intimidating to new players.

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